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Application Developer On-Demand Course Library

PACKAGE Overview:

The Developer Collection is a 12-month subscription to all digital Application Developer On-Demand Course Library. As new courses and PACKAGE updates become available, you'll automatically gain access to them for the duration of your subscription. Where, when, and how you study is up to you. These PACKAGES are designed to help you learn specific development skills. All the courses are hands-on and supported by our instructors.

PACKAGE Objectives:

5165 - Getting Started with Python
5749 - Top 10 Python Concepts
5255 - Getting Started with Git
5193 - Getting Started with SQLAlchemy
5195 - Working with JSON data from Python
5196 - Python Apps with SQLite
5197 - Building a Command-Line Interface (CLI) with Argparse
5210 - Working with Remote Directories Using OS and Paramiko
5194 - Debugging and Profiling
5270 - Testing Frameworks (Unittest)
C & C++
5242 - Develop C++ Applications
5243 - Patterns and Idioms in C++
5238 - C++ 11 Core Language Enhancements
5213 - Pointers to Data and Functions in C
5220 - Embedded C Memory Management
5222 - Getting Started with C#
5295 - Asynchronous Programming in C#
5231 - Advanced Topics in C#
5235 - LINQ in the C# Programming Language
5227 - Object Oriented Programming with C#
5257 - Getting Started with Entity Framework
5280 - Consuming Services in .NET by Example
5245 - Getting Started with JavaScript
5247 - Getting Started with TypeScript
5260 - Source Control with TFS

Delivery Modalities:

  • On-Demand

Delivery Methods:

  • Online
  • Online Self-paced

Package Duration: 12 Months

Package Schedules:

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