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What is Augmented Analytics?

Augmented Analytics - Training & Service []

Data scientists now have increasing amounts of data to prepare, analyze and group — and from which to draw conclusions. Given the amount of data, exploring all possibilities becomes impossible. This means businesses can miss key insights from hypotheses the data scientists don’t have the capacity to explore. The information overloading is a new challenge in this era. Let’s take a short tour on augmented analytics!

What is Augmented Analytics?

Augmented analytics represents a third major wave for data and analytics capabilities as data scientists use automated algorithms to explore more hypotheses. Data science and machine learning platforms have transformed how businesses generate analytics insight. By 2020, more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated.

So what is the Solution?

To help solve this problem, next-generation Data Analytics are designed to make the often “guarded” domain of Data Science easily accessible to the common data users. Augmented Analytics and Data Discovery make it much easier for the non-tech employees to indulge in guided Data Analysis with advanced tools.  Is Augmented Analytics Easy Enough for the Average Business User?

Fully Optimize Resources

Each team member in your business has a particular role and skill set and you want to leverage those and optimize the positive effects of these resources. You don’t have the time, the budget or the inclination to make every business user a data scientist. You just want them to do their job to the best of their ability and that is what they want as well.

What is Augmented Analytics?

Augmented Analytics – Training & Service []

What are the Disadvantage?

As the question has not specified disadvantages in which respect, I would be mentioning few of the adverse effect of AR/VR on our health.

Health Concerns

Virtual Reality Sickness- VR headsets contain 2 small LCD monitors, each projected at one eye, creating a stereoscopic effect which gives users the illusion of an artificial environment created all around you. In addition, longer time of screen focus increase feeling of nausea and distortion, a phenomenon called Virtual Reality Sickness.

  • Eye Strain – While using AR/VR headsets we are confined in a limited area from our environment. Moreover, we see and focus on particular details for long due to which we may tend to blink less compared to normal frequency of blinking. This results in drying of the front surface of our eyes and strain on eyes.
  • Dizziness – Individuals having amblyopia ( an imbalance in visual strength between the 2 eyes) or other conditions inhibits focusing, depth perception or normal 3D vision may not experience 3D effects of VR headsets. Individuals with these disorders may be more likely to experience headaches and eye fatigue when using VR gear.
  • Distortion – VR lenses often suffer from strong distortion especially in the peripheral area. The distortion is still severe after many software curation, human eyes will try very hard to correct these distortion, which puts eyes in tension and sometimes leads to nausea. VR games may be a very interesting for children or adults but prolong use of VR headsets may not only result in headaches and eye strain it may increase the chances of early myopia for children.
  • Addictive and laziness – Well, this is from my personal opinion, with application of AR in all fields, all the works would be automated with just one tap on your smartphone; most of your works would be done. So you become lazier, and more addicted to this technology.

Breach of security:

AR game PokemonGo is the best example how any stranger can just barge into your garden just to chase any augmented character and breach your personal security.

No control over personal details

With the application of AR in web browsing and browsing in real-time, it would be possible in near future, to just get any person’s details like Facebook profile details or other details just by pointing your camera on the person. So imagine how dangerous it could be!

What are the benefits?

Augmented Analytics benefits a business, its users and its customers, partners and stakeholders. The advantages of augmented analytics are as numerous, varied and unique as the organization itself but, no matter the industry or type of business, one of the greatest benefits of augmented analytics is the availability and access to sophisticated analytical techniques, algorithms and processes for the average business user – WITHOUT training or skills in data science or analysis.

With all the aspects of augmented analytics, we can conclude that it has many disadvantages along with advantages. Although it may seem like many disadvantages but we can surely understand and witness the tremendous development of cyber security gradually. Even though technology is opening our privacy to the world, but cyber security is going strong. So we can dream and hope that we can overcome these security breech and enjoy the blessings of technology. Therefore, Right attitude.

Right Attitude

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