Define and Implement Continual Service Improvement Workshop course

Define and Implement Continual Service Improvement Workshop

Course Overview:

In this Define and Implement Continual Service Improvement Workshop course, participants learn Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process and practice and how to ensure the value is delivered and sustained over time. This workshop introduces you to:
CSI process, scope, objectives and activities
CSI concepts and principals
Deming cycle and CSI model
Tools and technology that should support the process and the considerations that should be taken when choosing such tools
How to manage the process, verify the integrity of the information and improve the process maturity over time

Course Objectives:

Purpose, scope and objectives of CSI
Key principles of the ITIL-CSI best practice
Business case and the Return on Investment (ROI)
Use of the CSI model
Key activities of the seven-step improvement process
Service measurement and service reporting
Key methods and techniques for CSI
How to organize for CSI
Critical success factors, KPIs, Metrics, risks and challenges
Course Pre-Requisite

Course Outline
Certification Exams
Next Steps
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