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Horizon 7 Install Configure Manage 7.0

Course Overview:

Learners will learn how to install, configure, and manage VMware Horizon. You will gain practical experience through the completion of hands-on labs.

Course Objectives:

  • VMware Horizon components
  • Install and configure View Connection Server
  • Install and configure virtual desktops
  • Configure and manage VMware Horizon Client systems
  • Configure and manage pools of physical and virtual machines
  • Configure and manage automated pools of full virtual machines
  • Configure and manage pools of linked-clone desktops
  • Configure and manage automated pools of instant clones
  • Configure and manage Remote Desktop Services (RDS) pools of desktops and applications
  • Use Horizon Administrator to configure the VMware Horizon environment
  • Configure secure access to virtual desktops
  • Use VMware User Environment Managerâ„¢ to manage user personalization and application configurations
  • Describe steps to deploy profile management
  • Use VMware App Volumes to provision and manage applications
  • Manage the performance and scalability of a VMware Horizon deployment
Course Pre-Requisite
Please speak and ask your National Account Manager about this course's Pre-Requisite before sign up.
Course Outline
  1. Module 1: Introduction to VMware Horizon
  2. Module 2: View Connection Server
  3. Module 3: VMware Horizon Pools and Desktops
  4. Module 4: Horizon Client Options
  5. Module 5: Creating Automated Pools of Full Virtual Machines
  6. Module 6: Creating and Managing Linked-Clone Desktops
  7. Module 7: Creating and Managing Instant-Clone Pools
  8. Module 8: Creating RDS Desktop and Application Pools
  9. Module 9: VMware Horizon 7 Authentication
  10. Module 10: Managing VMware Horizon Security
  11. Module 11: Profile Management Using User Environment Manager
  12. Module 12: Using App Volumes to Provision and Manage Applications
  13. Module 13: Command-Line Tools and Backup Options
  14. Module 14: VMware Horizon Performance and Scalability
Certification Exams
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Course Days: 5 Days

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