Message From Our CEO

We strongly believe that attitude is important, but having right attitude is essential to be successful in life. Therefore, the company works smart by working hard, ensuring that the customers are confident with their trusted solutions, contented with our sincere commitments to achieve the goal towards success. Formed in Austin, TX, Right Attitude provides professional training solutions and IT services to help its clients businesses close their employee skill gaps, save time and help adopt an environment of continuous internal staff development process via training and IT Services. At Right Attitude, not only we handle our clients with proper guidance or work experience but also, we help them get to share their own ideas and spaces for proper understanding to help them making right training and service decisions.

Because we add values to what we do for our clients as service, we offering best in class computer and IT training. We believe that right opportunity comes with unique sets of expectations, therefore require dedicated service solutions that are customized and tailored for each clients challenge. Thus why, we are VERSATILE about the delivery methods we apply towards functions and challenges for each opportunity discovered. Time is money for most of our clients. Therefore, our AGILE approach towards completing service and training projects help our clients to do tasks on time with spot on satisfactory results. We believe that one size does not fit for everyone and cutting corners is a bad practice or way to do business. Therefore, our LEAN approach with UNCUT training and service solution attitude towards knowledge transfer process secures our clients with premium quality of services, hence peace of mind. It also ensures our clients return on investments with higher results. Finally, we are EXPERT in what we do. With a combine team experience of over 25 years, we know the anatomy of knowledge transfer or training and IT services like the way we know about the back our heads. Therefore, a complete SATISFACTION!

With convictions, we believe that, “Respect is the byproduct of Trust, Care and Sincerity. Therefore, Right Attitude.” 

  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Team
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Unique
  • Dignity
  • Empowerment

Right Attitude aims for empowering its customers making right learning, staff developmental and IT training decisions with right information and services. Right Attitude has a solid mission to provide the best professional training against the IT services and development to face the modern challenges at that time. Our responsive attitude is to provide the best quality in order to build our customer skill sets and their visions are aimed. Right Attitude envisions promoting the professional learning, Development, IT training & Services accordingly with the technological progress for the placement for a better future.

Thank you.

Mamunur Rashid – President & CEO

Message From Our CEO