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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We live in that era where computer technologies is becoming more pervasive, new challengers will emerge requiring approaches that reach out beyond a single mind communicating with an confined technology in a cultural, social,  and historical vacuum. Technological systems are an integral part of our daily lives in this modern age, and it is important to understand and learn how the design of a particular system can affect perception and behavior.

Human  Computer  Interaction  (HCI) is  a  well-organized  with  the  design, implementation and evaluation  of interactive computing devices for human use. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research is performed to provide  and  promote  a  scientific  understanding  of  the  interaction  between  humans  and  the Computing/Informative  technology  and  tools  that  we  use. People have to consider HCI because the products concern with the easy interface and easy to use by peoples in their everyday life.

HCI consists mainly 3 parts:

  1. The Customer
  2. The Computing Devices
  3. The Interactive Way that both Work Together

If all of these above concern parts are not coming together in a new software or product, then a perfect impact and success will be not happened in human computer interaction. HCI also has many fields these are where HCI works properly.

The Impact of HCI on society:

The impact of HCI on society is mainly improving the ease of use of computers and other devices.  Modern computers and other electronic devices do not require the user to have as much training or specialized information as they used to. User interfaces on consumer products such as computers, mobile phones, tablets or televisions are designed with ease of use in mind. UI designers try to ensure that the input and output processes are as simple and easy for the user as possible. The developments of all the products are designed to make products more user friendly especially to those people who have no experience of using devices.

The impact of HCI on Economy:

Many companies have now set up E-Commerce websites which allow them to sell their items online. This has many benefits over a regular retail store. An E-Commerce website is much cheaper to set up than to build a physical store or rent out the space. It is also more convenient because the users do not have to leave their home and go to the store. Now, they can simply visit the website, browse the products available and purchase whatever they want. The constant development in HCI technology has increased people’s productivity massively. The advances in both computers and robotics means that many manufacturing tasks can now be completely automated.

The Impact of HCI on Culture:

Because of HCI our culture is changing due to the way that electronic devices are becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives and more features than ever to help us during the day. the number of tasks that electronic devices will become more varied and complex as time goes on. They will continue to become more and more integrated into our lives.

Recent policy developments in both the USA and elsewhere have sparked significant concern within the HCI research community. Mostly, increasing isolationism can have a serious impact on collaboration, community engagement and wellness, and knowledge sharing. Policy shifts also have the potential to affect freedom of scientific inquiry, the free flow of information, and funding for computing research.

Any system that uses Human computer interaction principles in the analysis and design, there are many factors that must be considered and the most of these HCI factors often interact with one another, and this makes the analysis more complicated. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the technical feature of how human can interface or interact with their computing devices. Developer and programmers always have to search about HCI when developing new software application and products because originating a new piece of equipment that is revolutionary and it becomes use to. Due to this development and effort of their products become user friendly and people have to consider HCI as easy to use.

If you are interested on more AI, based topics do not hesitate to give a knock to our information team. Therefore, Right Attitude.

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